STAINLESS Steel Roast 'em Up Chile Roaster- 24.5"
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STAINLESS Steel ROAST ‘EM UP! ™ State of the Art, Exceptional Design, Expertly Manufactured in ARIZONA!   

Stainless steel is slightly lighter than the cold rolled steel. These roasters have an added internal lip that aids in tumbling your food. And let’s face it, stainless steel is easier to keep clean and rust preventive.

When cleaning, “BE CAREFULL OF SHARP EDGES”. Use Brillo® pads, Scotch Brite® or steel wool to remove baked on foods. Dishwasher safe, but recommend hand cleaning in a large plastic tub.

“The Octagon” is  24.5″ length and is APPROXIMATELY 7 3/4″ in diameter from center split measurement. Please measure your internal grill length prior to ordering. 

ROAST ‘EM UP! ™ Rotisserie Chile Roasters for the Grill are designed to be used as an attachment to most standard motorized barbeque rotisseries. All you need to do is utilize the rotisserie bar that comes with your rotisserie, slide ROAST ‘EM UP! ™ in place, lock it in and you’re ready to go!

There are so many uses in addition to Chile! Try roasting bell peppers, whole onions, whole garlic cloves, mushrooms, hot dogs, sausages, shrimp, all shish kabob fixings without the skewer, and tomatoes – just enough for squeezing into your marinara sauce, whatever you can think of roasting, this is the roaster for you! This product is covered under Patent Pending 

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STAINLESS Steel Roast 'em Up Chile Roaster- 24.5"

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